package preprocessor

Classes used for preprocessor such as various listeners etc.

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Type Members

  1. class DirectiveVisitor extends Java8BaseVisitor[DirectiveMap]

    Tool for directive hierarchy construstion.

  2. class OMPLexerErrorListener extends BaseErrorListener

    Lexer error listener.

  3. class Preprocessor extends AnyRef

    Class representing the preprocessor itself.

  4. class SingleTranslationVisitor extends Java8BaseVisitor[Unit]

    Simple visitor that walks through the directive and translate oldName into newName.

  5. class ThreadIdRemover extends Java8BaseVisitor[Unit]

    Tool for ThreadID removal.

  6. class TokenSet extends AnyRef

    Represents atomic operation on the set of used tokens.

  7. class TranslationVisitor extends Java8BaseVisitor[Unit]

    Visitor that captures used variables in the directive body and prefixes them with context variable name.

Value Members

  1. object DirectiveVisitor

    DirectiveVisitor companion object defining its static properties

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